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When integrated with Priority's WMS, our manufacturing module provides a complete solution for the entire Order-to-Cash life cycle ‑ from the customer order, through manufacturing resources planning (MRP II), replenishment, warehouse management, shop floor control, delivery, costing and financials. This versatile system provides tools for discrete, repetitive, Kanban, batch and formula process and optional alternate part manufacturing.

Key Features:

  • Product data management - maintain part numbers, bill of materials (BOM), routings and work centers, and integrate with Product Change Control (PCC) or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions.
  • ECO management and revision control - organize drawings and other documents associated with engineering changes, track their approval process and link any changes to work orders and requisitions, via part revisions and BOM revisions.
  • Multi-division and multi-site planning capabilities - MPS, MRP and APS (advanced planning & scheduling) are adjustable for multiple production control methods used in discrete, repetitive, and mixed-mode manufacturing environments.
  • Manufacturing execution - track operations and production progress, quality control, rework and scrap ratios, while supporting data collection via bar code or RFID equipment, SCADA and manually-keyed entries.
  • Quality control and assurance - define testing procedures and standards for inspection of purchased or outsourced components, inventory sampling, work order testing and final QA approval.
  • Lot and serial number tracking - track serialized parts and their lot attributes throughout the part's life cycle: from the receipt of part components through delivery of the finished product, servicing, RMA, and scrapping.
  • Project-oriented manufacturing - associate each manufacturing process with its corresponding project, from inventory allocation through planning, material requisitions, issues to the plant floor, work order handling, assembly and testing, and delivery of the finished product. Tight cost accounting provides accurate real-time project costs at each stage of the project, and ensures that the project team is aware of any milestone deviations.

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